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Founded in 2012, Align originated as a tool for business coaches and their clients to simplify the strategic planning process, replace unwieldy spreadsheets for tracking progress on goals, and improve communication among teams. We beat the drum for years on how important it is to connect teams to work that matters and provide goals so that they know how to be successful. Like most new tools that make processes easier, word spread beyond our original user base to executives who were looking for tools to help them run their business better, particularly tools that help other businesses grow by achieving long-discussed, but rarely met big goals. As our clientele expanded, so have our features. Align has become a powerful suite of tools that enables all teams everywhere to achieve the big goals that every business has by creating a roadmap to success. Every feature we have added along the way created new ways to drive action on the journey and set employees up for success in their own work and therefore companies to thrive. Though Align houses some of the more complex aspects of your business, the software itself is easy-to-use. In fact, one of our top comments from users in feedback is that Align makes staying on track simple and easy. Making the complex more simple and digestible is key to your success and how we develop our software. Every feature we add is to make it easier for our clients to achieve goals. Align has become a critical tool for some of the fastest-growing companies across industries and around the globe. In fact, many of our investors were first clients who use the product and have found it indispensable in their business